Pure Raw African Finger Millet Powder (Ragi) 1kg

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    Pure raw finger millet from the Mother land in 1kg packs.

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    Finger millet (Eleusine coracana) is an ancient supergrain from Africa. It is an important source of essential amino acids with the main protein fraction (eleusinin) being of high biological value and good amounts of tryptophan, cystine, methionine, and total aromatic amino acids. (Methionine level of around 5 percent of protein is of special benefit, notably for vegans.) All of these are crucial to human health and growth and are deficient in most cereals.

     Finger Millet helps in fighting diabetes, aids weight loss and reduction of cholesterol. It is a popular weaning food used as porridge made from sprouted and malted finger millet flour. This has been traditionally used as a healthy weaning food from 6 months of age and is ideal as baby food because of its high level of protein and calcium.

    Finger Millet can be ground into flour for bread and various other baked products, made into beverages and popped products. 

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